Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where did 2008 go???

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's on your table??

I just love setting up a beautiful table, especially for Christmas! This year we are having Christmas Eve dinner at our house, and I can't wait to dress the table up!!

I was browsing over at BHG and they have some beautiful festive centerpieces!
Here are some of my favorite!

I would love to see what you come up with! Send me pictures of your table and I will post them here!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Photography and great shoes...

Make for a great combination!! I was checking out some different blogs today and came across photographer Megan Wynn's blog her work is beautiful!

So while looking at her work I came across the wedding of Ross & Makenzie all I can say is WOW!
You know how much I love shoes...just look at these shoes!!

Don't you just love the BM's shoes!! They remind me of my tap shoes when I was little.

Go check out the rest of this gorgeous wedding!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get Creative!

Did you like the video I posted the other day?? Then you have to watch this video! It's so cute and creative!!

You could incorporate anything you love into your wedding video, do you and your FI have a favorite movie, remake it, staring YOU!!
How about recreating your first date with a directors cut (that could be FUNNY!)

There is no limit to the imagination!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Music Video ~ I wish I would of thought of that!!

I think Brian & Eileen may have started something!! It's Brilliant, it looks like a ton of fun, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a new trend!! Want to see what Im talking about??

Since I still have no clue who to put videos on my blog you'll have to check it out where I found it at the wonderful Polka Dot Bride's blog!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sometimes 4am is not early enough...

When it comes to Black Friday shopping!!! For my family this is sort of a new holiday tradition, when we were younger my mom and step-dad (more Chris than my mom) would wake at wee hours of the morning and do the mad dashes across the stores to get the goods for all 5 of us kids, sadly Chris passed away 3 years ago and so now us "kids" carry on this (some call crazy) tradition of getting up way to early and standing out in the cold'ish weather getting the good deals!
Only 3 of the 5 were up early last year!
L-R: Jarrod, Tiffany (James' GF), James & Me

This year I have some tips for you and your family if you plan on doing this too, I found these on iVilliage.

  1. Make a list & make sure to budget!

  2. Do your research, use the web, before you get the Thursday paper; Black Friday Ads

  3. Shop co-op

  4. Delegate

  5. Be size wise

  6. Price Match & find discounts

  7. Make friends in high places

  8. Online vs. In line

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Couture Bridal Event

A couple weeks ago we got this beautiful invitation in the mail inviting us and one of our brides to Colonial Country Club for a night out and for a good cause; Brides Against Breast Cancer.
Micheal and his team at CCC always put on a great event!

We got to see a beautiful fashion show put on by Lace & Roses Bridal,

Sample absolutely delicious chocolates from Irresistible Confections

See beautiful samplings from Susan at Signature Florals, you should have seen the bouquets that she made for the girls to carry. Gorgeous!

The beautiful & uber talented Debra Mehberg was there with her amazing invitations, by the way the beautiful invitation that we got in the mail was made by Debra! And her assistant was there doing calligraphy for our name tags!

Clean ride limos was there with there amazing new party bus it had all the bells & whistles!! Did I mention the ostrich leather seats, yes ostrich leather!! It was soooo comfortable!

oh lets see, I don't want to forget anyone...

Kevin & Beth were there from Elite Weddings Disc Jockey & Videography

The Amazingly talented Chip & Amy with Coastal Images

and last but not least Mason's Bakery serving up their yummy cake!!
Thank you everyone for a wonderful evening!!

Not your grandma's cupcakes!

When the menu includes items such as
South Peach, Sex and the Cupcake, Dirty Cupcake, Pucker Up, Cocoa Channel & Berry Wang...
grandma is probably turning in her grave lol

The self -proclaimed "cupcake junkies" and creators of 2 girls and a cupcake, Evelyn & Eileen have created quite a buzz in Miami with there unique twist on an old favorite sweet treat.
I love with their approach, using gorgeous pin-ups in there adds and there super cute website
go check it out!

Check out these little works of art!

Good luck girls & keep up the good work!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Im it!

I got tagged so here I go with my 7 random facts.


  1. I HATE driving with a passion, but it comes with the job...

  2. Anytime I get anything out of the fridge to drink, I have to shake it, soda, milk, water...I don't know why, but that's just what I do

  3. I was born & raised in Florida, it might not sound like much to you, but there are not to many of us around

  4. My office is a mess & I wish someone else would clean it up, actually that is on my Christmas list :0)

  5. I will only eat green banana's they can be a little yellow at the bottom but if they are all yellow I will not eat them! (Crazy I know!)

  6. My hubby & I dated in HS ~ broke up, grew up, reconnected and fell in love :0) He is the best!

  7. one of the things on my bucket list is to vacation to Egypt, but I want to get my hands dirty and dig up some ancient artifact, sounds fun right!!

OK now I have to tag...let's see how about...

Jess Cumbie Photography

An Occasional Design

A Practical Wedding

Ashley Brockinton Photography

Monday, October 20, 2008

Real Wedding

This is actually just a sneak peak, but I could not resist posting this picture from the super talented Krista at Impressions Photography. Greg & Muffy at Libby's Flower Shop did a AMAZING job this weekend for Leslie & Chris' wedding!! I will post more soon, but for now enjoy this pic :0)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Im it!!

Ok I know I've been a bad blogger lately, and I had all these great ideas for blogs and started a few but never finished them and now it is already the 2nd week of October and I see my last post was on the 30th of September!! But then I was given the perfect opportunity to post today, the wonderful Stacey over at Kiss the Bride Tagged me! Thank you Stacey!
So here I go...

Four things I did today:
1. Shopped for last minute Koozies
2. Was in a wedding dress for a photo shoot hehehe
3. Found out my best friend is having a girl!!!
4. Watched married away

Four things on my to-do list:
1. Finish the welcome bags
2. Clean out my vehicle so that I can start packing it with wedding stuff
3. Clean my office
4. Start packing for our mini vacay!

Four of my guiltiest pleasures:
1. Snickers
2. Cape Tan the # 3 bed only!
3. Massages
4. Shoe shopping!!

Four random facts about me:
1. I have a fear of crossing the road
2. I am the only girl in my family in 50 years on my dad's side
3. My husband is a charter captain and I love going out in the boat but I hate the water lol
4. I always paint my toe nails pink, any shade but it must be pink

Ok now that I got all that out, I must now tag a few ppl...who will it be???
How about:
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Alyse at A Perfect engagement
Jennifer at A Friend of the Bride
Rashana at After yes, and before I do
Kenzie at Kenzie Shores Photography

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Have fun on your wedding day!

I am absolutely in love with this picture, the look, the feel, everything!
I think every couple should have this much fun at their wedding!
To see more of this fun-filled wedding check out One Love Photo's Blog!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pretty Picture

Ok I know I have been a lil MIA but I have good reason, I'll post on it later, but to make up for my absence I posted this pretty picture...

I was cruising over at Brooklyn Bride's Blog and saw this picture and could not stop staring!
Just take a look at those flowers, they are so beautiful, and I just love how they pop against the girls dresses!! Well anyways to see more from this beautiful wedding click here :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dot dot dot

I found this picture while I was hainging out over at The Bride's Cafe and I am IN LOVE!!!
And as soon as you see it you too will be in LOVE!

Megan & Randy's wedding day was inspired by the 1950's. I LOVE this! And they pulled it off amazingly with all the details, go hang out at the cafe to take a little look into the past...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We just love getting packages! This is what we got on Friday!

Do you see the crystals!!! LOVE IT!

Amanda over at An Occasional Design had a little contest & we won!!
and our prize was custom made note cards! We love them!!
Thank you so much Amanda!!

**Sorry the last one is a little ok a lot blurry, but you can see the other 2 designs pretty good

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Shoe Love

Ok so you know that I LOVE shoes!!
And when I came upon this picture...well just look at this picture!!!
It's making me get that itch...I might need to go shoe shopping again this weekend!!

To see more of this wedding and those shoes click here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are you a Follower??

Well you should be!!

Follow us on this blog!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Do you remember making these when you were a kid. ohhhh if my mother only knew that she was paying for my to sit in a private school and make flip books with the edges of my text books hehehe

Anyways...The girls over at The Event Essentials posted about this but the only problem is that the company that they found is in KC and I am in my search was on, of coarse it didn't take me long do to the wonderful world wide web!

Presto! Flip books in FL! Well actually is called Pic Flips and they are all over the US! The whole idea is that you stand in front of a video camera and do a lil skit...and in 2 minutes you have a flip book in your hand! How Fun would that be at a wedding or birthday party or any event?!

Real Wedding: Mary & Dana

This was a very intimate destination wedding, in total there were about 20 people that came in from Arizona and a few other states. Mary and Dana wanted their close family and friends to be there to celebrate in their beautiful union. They were so cute like 2 teenagers in love, they were such a great couple to work with. We wish them the best of luck!!

OK I had to add 1 more in, we all know how hard it can be to get the ring bearer / flower girl down the aisle, well this is Tricia trying to get the flower girl down the aisle...we all know sometimes they get stage fright...this one couldn't stop "marking her territory" for a lack of a better description...

Photo Credit:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Post

I don't usually post on the weekend for the obvious reason...I'm at a wedding or something!
But today I decided to do a quick post because I found time to do some blog stocking lol
and came upon this beautiful cake!! It's to pretty not to share!

How Fabulous! Zebra print & Pink!! I think I'm in love hehehe

Click here to see more of this fab wedding on She walks in beauty blog

Friday, September 5, 2008


I wanted to take the time today and post about different scams that are going around right now!
Please be aware, and don't let yourself get sucked into their traps!!

If you get an email that looks anything remotely like this :
more importantly the you can bet it is a scam.

The email will go something like this...
(And it is usually from a man, and we all know how many MEN plan a wedding!!)

I am planning on getting married to Ms. Sue and we need your services and need you to get a photographer well my father in-law has issued a cheque of £7000 for the wedding photographer and wedding planner and right now he his out of location and we need to be booked for the planner , well cheque will be made out to you and the balance will be for the photographer...

Anyways, the amount will be for to much and the instructions are to wire money back when you get the cashiers check...IT'S A SCAM!!! The check is bad and by the time you realize it your out $$$

Another one that I was informed about was by a photographer, She got an email from a MAN and he said he would send her cash in big bills but needed her to send him some back in smaller bills, she never gave him an address, yet she got an envelope with big bills and no info, no phone number, just an address to send the smaller bills back to, she immediately knew something was up, took it to the bank and all the bills were fake!

Goes to show you how crafty they can be! You get cash in the mail, you might be inclined to try and spend it...

If you have heard of anything or have an example yourself please let me know I will gladly post them to get the word out there so no one falls into any of these traps!

Any really people if it is sounds to good to be true, it usually is!!

Things that make you go huh?

Every morning I click on my fortune cookie on my desktop to find out what "my fortune" is for the day...I don't live by it, its just a fun thing I do...anyways this morning I click on my cookie and this is what is says...
What is that supposed to mean?! Usually they say the same ol'..."Wise men learn more from fools, than fools from the wise man."
But I get "tickety-boo" if anyone know what this means please fill me in!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This song puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it, its on my myspace page, I sign on just to hear it sometimes, since it makes me so happy I thought I would share! Hope it puts a smile on your face :0)

Shoe Love Cont.

I know I promised you all a while ago I would post the fab shoes that I bought... so with out further ado

I LOVE them!!

(Click on the pic to see them better)

I am saving them for somthing fun to wear them to, Im thinking


A nice Looong weekend!

I woke everyone Monday morning and said get up get dressed and lets go!
Where are we going??
My mom's famous words "You'll find out when we get there" (wow I hated when she said that when we were kids!!)
Hubby figured it out before we got there but Avery had no idea until we got inside, and since I was driving (ugh I hate driving!) I didn't get any cool pics of outside, but once we got in this is what I got, unfortunately I did not get more because he was so excited, and running from one place to next I couldn't take a picture before he was off to the next creature (and by "he" I mean my hubby, kidding!)
Welcome to Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota Fl. When the cute old lady at the entrance told him that Nemo & Dory were here, it was a mad dash to find them and he wasn't happy till he did!

The Fam!

Love this pic!

Hands off ladies! They're mine!! (except the one in the back)

Hope you all had a safe and fun Labor Day!

**On the way home...
Avery: "Mom, Mom, MOM!"

Me: What Ave?

Avery: "I like Micky Mouse"

Me: YOU DO?! (not like You do YAY, more like a You DO Stunned, cause sorry folks but I'm not so fond of the "Happiest Place on Earth" I know I just heard you all gasp, but you've been there once, you've been there a hundred times!)

Hubby: Maybe we'll go there next

Me: {Punching Hubby in arm} yeah!

(Im sure I'll be posting pics of us at the "Happiest place on earth" soon LOL)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Personalize your Sharpie!

I was talking to Debra of dm paper designs last night and she said you know you can personalize your sharpie right? I said NO I DID NOT KNOW THAT?! How FUN!!

So I had to try it out for myself!!

It's so simple and would be cute for anything...I'm thinking about getting them for a special baby shower coming up!!!

You just:

Than a:

Type it in:

add it up:


Simple & cute! LOVE IT!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pretty Picture Monday

I am in love with this bouquet!!

To see more pics of this beautiful wedding click here

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I want to spend the day with...

Have you checked out Scarlett Lillian's blog lately? She has a contest & you must submit a pic of yourself to enter. It's so super cute, I have been following it and even voted, and I am not a "vote" type person...anyways if you haven't checked it out you must!

Here are some of my fav's :0)