Monday, May 25, 2009

Want to be a shoe designer??

Well now you can be!! Have you ever said oh I would love those if they were _________.

Morgan Miller has done all of us women a huge favor, and has opened a designer shoe store that allows us to be the shoe designers!! How amazing is that!!
This is perfect for that bride that has the picture in her head of that perfect pair of shoes that she just must wear on her wedding day and cant find them anywhere...or for the bride that wants her maids to have that perfect shoe walking down the aisle and her and her maids can design them there selves!

Where you ask is such a wonderful place??? Well I will tell you! If you are in the sunshine state visit her couture store at 618 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach or visit her store online the best part of the website is it's interactive you can actually create them online and order them all with a few clicks!! Oh and if you do visit the store & design the shoe of your dreams they are made for you while you wait (or continue to shop) and brought out to you on a silver platter, all you would need is a cabana boy feeding you grapes and the big palm leaf fanning you and it would be paradise!!

Ok check out the super cute shoes I designed ~ don't forget to go design your own!!