Friday, December 28, 2007

My cuttie pie!!

My family and I had a wonderful but bussssssyyyyy day! We had 8 yes 8 stops to make and we did them all with an almost 3 yr old and he was as good can be (with no nap)

So I just downloaded my Christmas pictures and figured this one was just so super cute of him I couldn't keep it to myself!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

What am I supposed to do with this???

Have you ever asked you self that after you received a gift card to who knows where... or your least favorite place ever?! Well there is a great place online that you can buy discounted gift cards for yourself or others, sell your gift card or trade your gift card for a card you really want!

sound to good to be true?? Check it out

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Im it! I've been tagged!!

Rules for playing "tag":

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog

2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs

4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

OK so here we go...

1. I am the oldest of 5 kids and the only girl!
(My motto is I'm not Spoiled, just well taken care of)

2. I have an adorable 2 (almost 3) yr old...& I have every birthday party already planned for him (in my head) until he is sixteen!

3. My husband & I have known each other since childhood, dated in high school, broke up, and then got back together after graduation and have been together ever since!

4. I was born and raised in Fla. I am one of the few, we are a rare breed :0)

5. I love going out on our boat and being on the water, but you won't find me in it! I have a HUGE fear of water...Crazy I know!!

6. I am ADDICTED to post secret!!! I got one of the books for Christmas and read it all by the next day!

7. My Great Grandpa's uncle was General Patton...So that would make him my Great x3 Uncle
(Can you see the family resemblance? j/k)
Thank you to Meredith for tagging me...and teaching me how to do the link thing :0)

Now it is my turn to pass the torch!! I'm sorry if you have already been tagged....but why not just play along :0)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Film Trivia!!

Get your thinking caps out and see how many of these you can get right!!
Comment me with your answers and I'll let you know how well you did!!!

On the T.V. special “Frosty the Snowman” what were Frosty’s first words?
1. “I’m cold”
2. “Happy Birthday”
3. “Where am I”?
4. “Merry Christmas”

What toy caused all the chaos in “Jingle all the way”?
1. Turbo Man
2. Hero Helmet
3. Blast Bopper
4. Johnny Robot

Which of these action films take place during the holiday season?
1. Die Hard
2. Speed
3. Men In Black
4. The Terminator

What color is the lone ornament on Charlie Browns Christmas Tree?
1. Pink
2. Purple
3. Green
4. Red

What “Saturday Night Live” alum created the movie “Eight Crazy Nights”?
1. Mike Myers
2. Will Ferrell
3. Adam Sandler
4. Phil Hartman

Who starred with Matthew Broderick in 2006 “Deck the Halls”?
1. Danny Devito
2. Martin Short
3. Bob Hoskins
4. Bruno Kelly

In what film does the real Kris Kringle take a job as a Macy’s Santa Clause?
1. “It’s a Wonderful Life”
2. “Holiday Inn”
3. “Miracle on 34th St.”

In a Christmas Story what body part is Ralphie repeatedly told he will injure with the BB gun that he wants for Christmas?
1. Foot
2. Eye
3. Leg
4. Arm

What wingless angle assisted George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”
1. Vincent
2. Albert
3. Sam
4. Clarence

In “National Lampoons Christmas Vacations” Clark’s boss gives him a subscription to a monthly club featuring what product?
1. Jelly
2. Fruitcake
3. Ketchup
4. Cheesecake

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do's and Don'ts of Company Christmas Party Etiquette

It's time for the company holiday party. We've all heard of those co-workers who have gotten really drunk and embarrassed themselves. This is perhaps an obvious example of what not to do at the company Christmas or holiday party.

Here are some other do's and don'ts for your behavior at the company Christmas party:

  • Do remember that although office parties are intended as social events to reward employees and raise morale, they remain strictly business events. Do act as though your behavior is being observed every minute (because it probably is).

  • Don't pass up the invitation to an office party; not attending could hurt your reputation. And when you attend, do spend at least 30 minutes at the party for appearances. But don't overstay your welcome by partying until the wee hours.

  • Do conduct yourself professionally at all times. Don't use the office party as an excuse to blow off steam. It's still a company function, so proper etiquette and decorum matter.

  • Don't bring the party lampshade, gag gifts for the boss, or any other crazy stuff you might do at a personal holiday party.

  • Do enjoy yourself at the party. Employers spend the big bucks to reward their employees, so be sure to enjoy the only holiday gift you may be getting from the company.

  • Don't pull the nightclub attire from your closet for the event -- and do ask whether the attire for the party is formal or casual. The party is still a business function, so conservative party clothes are a good choice. So, do remember to skip anything too revealing or too flashy. Keep your reputation for good taste intact.

  • Do keep your hands to yourself. Don't flirt, and do avoid any other inappropriate behavior. The office party is not the time to end your career with the company by doing something inappropriate or illegal.

  • Don't spend all evening talking business. You'll forever have the label as the office bore.

  • Do keep all conversations positive and upbeat. Don't spend the evening complaining, bragging, correcting, whining, or ridiculing. And do avoid controversial subjects (such as religion, politics, etc.) and off-color jokes.

  • Don't monopolize conversations -- and, especially, don't talk about yourself or your accomplishments all night. Do show interest in others. Do be gracious and thank coworkers and team members for all their help and hard work during the past year. And don't even think about gossiping about others.

  • Do keep one hand free during the night so that you can offer handshakes to people as they come by. And do keep your drink in your left hand, so you are not offering people a cold, wet handshake all evening.

  • Don't feel you need to drink excessively just because it's an open bar. And don't pig-out at the food buffet either. Moderation is key. You can always eat and drink more after the party.

  • Do take the time to network and schmooze with people at the party who can influence your career or who you may not see regularly, such as top management, people from other departments, and employees from other locations. A holiday party is a great event to begin building or strengthening business relationships, so do introduce yourself and build your network.

  • Don't assume everyone celebrates the same holiday, so don't go overboard with the "Merry Christmas."

  • Do be sure you know exactly who is invited to the party. Spouses or significant others are not always on the guest list for office parties. And if guests are permitted, don't bring an inappropriate person as your guest.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Onsite Venue Coordinators vs. Wedding Planners

Many prospective clients have asked me if they need a wedding planner when an event coordinator comes with the venue they've chosen for their reception. Saundra Hadley over at planning...forever did a post on her blog that addresses this question perfectly. Below is a snipit but feel free to check out the entire post on her blog.

1. On-Site Coordinators are responsible for their venue. Their alliance and most important concern is their venue. The venue pays their salary. A wedding planner is responsible to you. This is a third party that is an advocate and a director of all your vendors and wishes.
2. On-Site Coordinators may have limited vendor referrals. Most of them will have a source of vendors that they love to use at their facility. Because this DJ doesn't scratch their floors and this florist cleans up after themselves, etc, etc. Instead, a wedding planner knows many vendors that can fit into many different budgets and match client's personalities. It's our job to know GREAT vendors that may not advertise!
3. On-Site Coordinators are there only for the reception (or time at their venue). They are not a wedding planner that will take your 10pm etiquette phone calls, or attend a photographers meeting, or negotiate with a band or have a lots of design ideas and magazines for you to look at. A wedding planner is there from the planning stages, rehearsal, ceremony and to the reception.Now that you have the facts, you can determine what your needs are.

I couldn't have said it better. Thanks Saundra!

Friday, November 30, 2007

I've been good this year!!

Please leave some presents under my tree!!

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For Laughs

I had to share this website with you, it has some super cute stuff and I cant stop laughing at some of these things....

Luggage Tags!

ABC Gingerbread Cookie Cutters
For cookie lovers with a sense of humor. We're not talking alphabet here..this "ABC" stands for "already been chewed"!

Dear Cab Driver Paper Napkins
For those times when even a designated driver won’t do.

They even have somthing for the parents....

Control A Kid - Remote Control
When all other parenting techniques have been exhausted, give it one last valiant effort with Control A Kid, virtual parenting at the touch of a button.

There is sooooo much more!! YOU have to check it out for yourself!

Monday, November 19, 2007


As the best man you know it's time to shine, but what if you cant think of the right words to express what these two people actually mean to you??

Brides this is a great site for anyone who is planning to say something special on your special day...share it with all of them, they'll be happy you did!

~Happy Planning!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Wedding Salon

I just had to check out The Wedding Salon in Miami this past week, so Martine and I took a quick lil drive over to Miami (and by quick I mean 3 hrs each way and rush hour traffic in MIAMI!!!ugh)
I had never been to The Biltomore Hotel, what an amazing location, I felt as if I were somewhere tucked away in an exotic location far from home it was breathtaking!!
And so was the show once we got inside, the floral arrangements were to die for as were the hors d' oeuvers thanks to Aaron's Catering International & Gourmet and the drinks provided by Martini & Rossi and Hpnotic cocktail bar. Oh wait I forgot to mention one of our favorite things at the show Edible Glitter Covered Bonbons!! Yes Edible Glitter Covered Bonbons!! OMG not only are they so super cute and would go great at any event they tasted like heaven filled with ganche!! You have to check out the site OK I could go on an on, but I think you get the idea...Oh wait 1 more thing.
You should have seen the gift bag we walked out with, filled with a ton of bridal magazines, champagne, makeup and hair products and so much more I'm still going through it!!
I highly suggest going to this event if it comes to your neck of the woods, even if you have to battle traffic :0)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fun on Friday

I love getting flowers, what girl doesn't! I love them so much I buy them for myself all the time just because. Well if you know someone who loves flowers and you want to send them a bouquet from you check out this site you can send them for Free!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

For the Bride, For the Groom

I hear this one a lot:

"I want him to help me the the big decisions but, he's to busy, forgets about the appointment etc"

Here is how you solve this one:
Make a To Do list for him.

Write out the appointments that you're fiance MUST attend (i.e. engagement pictures, fitting for the suit, WEDDING). Then make a list next to it of the things he might want to be a part of such as cake tasting, food tasting, WEDDING! Then write down all the things you'd never expect him to attend like picking out flowers and invitations. This will help him to understand what is expected of him and will make him feel that he has some control of the situation and you never know, he might actually enjoy himself!
plus you wont feel as aggravated cause now he know what you expect of him :0)
~Hope this helps ladies!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Have you been to "Wifeville"?

You have to go!!!

The Town rules of Wifeville:

  1. No Bad Hair Days
  2. No PMS

  3. No Dieting

  4. No Skinny Jeans Allowed

  5. No Griddles Needed

  6. No Cooking Required

  7. No Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

  8. No Channel Surfing

  9. No Dirty Diapers

  10. No Credit Card Limits

After reading the rules why wouldn't you want to go?!?!? It sounds like the greatest place on earth!

I wish this was a real place to visit like Disney world, but for now its just the cutest website to visit!!

Before you get married you load up on all the super cute tee's and tanks that you proudly sported saying "soon to be Mrs. __" or "Bride" etc. and after you get married why not flaunt it too? We work harder at being wife's then we did before we said our "I do's" Wifeville totally understands that and offers the cutest tee's and tanks and even panties to lets us proudly sport our new title, WIFE!


Friday, November 2, 2007

It's a bird! It's a Plane! NO It's Superman!!!

I was at the post office today when low and behold I spotted Marvel Comic stamps!

How great are these! As soon as I saw them, being in the business I thought to myself what could I use these for? Poof! just like that How great would these be on invites for a Super Hero Birthday!!! My son will be 3 in January and this year we are doing a pirate theme, but I am almost tempted to do a super hero theme just so I can buy the stamps to put on his invites!!

I'm not joking!!

Look for yourself~

for more or to order go to

~Sorry I didnt see any princess ones :0(

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tis the season

I received my new copy of Blueprint magazine yesterday and fell in L O V E with the dress the model had on on the cover which gave me inspiration for today's post...


This seasons dresses are rich with colors and embellishments, I found a lot of golds and beautiful jewel tones and great jewelry to go along with it all!! (that will be my next post probably)
And a great dress for all price ranges Delia' had one of my favorites for only $44.50 but I am still in love with the Tracy Reese design though. Decisions, decisions!!

I love holidays for several reasons but one of my main reasons is because I get to go get a new outfit for the holiday parties so I put some of my favorites together for you and when I find the one I fall in love with and makes me feel like the bell of the ball I will make sure to post pictures but for now enjoy these...

(Top Left: Tracy Reese 212-807-0505, $500. Top Center: Max&Cleo at Macy's, $96. Top Right: Intuitions at Dillard's $189. Bottom Left: BCBG at, $460. Bottom Center: Alice & Olivia at Neiman Marcus, $484. Bottom Right: BCBG at, $440)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ever find yourself with not enough time in a day?! EVERYDAY Right!!!

Exhausted, Stressed, Sleepless nights right? This doesn't only effect you. It effects your spouse, your kids, your get the picture

TAKE BACK YOUR TIME is a major U.S./Canadian initiative to challenge the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling and time famine that now threatens our health, our families and relationships, our communities and our environment.


  • Our health

  • Our marriages, families and relationships

  • It leaves us little time for ourselves

Check out

Learn ways to Reclaim Family Dinnertime and much more


Monday, October 29, 2007

Project Everlasting

This is an exert I found and it is so true. Enjoy!

There's no such thing as a perfect marriage, only perfect moments."We were shocked to discover how much work went into creating a great marriage. We'd always figured, "Hey, I'll just find my soul mate and things will naturally fall into place after that ... we'll live happily ever after."

Um, not so fast, one Marriage Master wife said with a certain look that meant business. "Whoever said being soul mates was going to be easy?" Her husband of 52 years nodded, then added, "Marriage is a bed of roses, thorns and all."Any time two individuals live together (especially over 40 years) there are bound to be annoying, irritating, and frustrating experiences. But whether it's the toothpaste cap, toilet seat, snoring, or the last-minute pull-the-car-over-to-check-the-score-of-the-game-at-the-local-bar move, one thing is for sure: the best marriages are served with an extra helping of acceptance for one another's peccadilloes. "And that's the beauty of marriage," said Maurice, another Marriage Master. "All of our individualities, all of our wonderful differences. You gotta have friction. You can't get any heat without friction.

"We would do well, they say, to expect non-perfection; practice patience and give the acceptance we want in return. There's no doubt that this is hard work, but judging by the end result, it's well worth the effort.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wine Glass Candle Lamp

The fabulous ladies over at The Event Essentials posted this and I just had to share it with my readers as well!
Found on Charles and Marie on how to take a wine glass and make it into a mini lamp candle holder. It’s absolutely adorable and can be used for many different events.

Made out of fragile parchment, each set contains 3 different shades with cute and whimsical designs that are printed in a faint white. All you need to do is take them out of the package roll them up, drop a candle into a wine glass and add the lampshade. That’s it. Instantly the white pattern is transformed to a darker shade (as if it were a shadow) and a wine glass is turned into a sweet miniature lamp.
Save-on-Crafts has a great instructions on how to make your very own Wine Glass Candle Lamp
Materials8-1/2″ x 11″ (21.8cm x 28cm) sheets of vellum (one per lamp)Scissors Scissors with decorative blades Decorative paper punch in desired shape Glue pen Wineglass Votive candle or a LED Battery Operated Tea Light Candle putty (floral clay)
1.Lampshade Pattern (PDF file click here)To view this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader
2. Trace the lampshade pattern onto the sheet of vellum. Cut the straight ends and the inner curve using plain scissors with decorative blades.
2. Punch designs about 1″ (2.5 cm) from the lower edge, spacing the designs evenly.
3. Apply a thin line of glue (a glue pen works well for this) to one straight end. Lap the other end over the glued end, forming the shade.
4. Secure the votive candle and set the lampshade atop a wine glass

Monday, October 22, 2007

10 little expenses that add up fast

MSN had this great article that I just had to re post, it really puts things in perspective...

Do you wonder where your money goes, especially if you're not a big spender? It's surprisingly easy to blow thousands, a few dollars at a time.

It's easy to fritter away money on little daily expenses. If you fall into these money traps, learn to avoid them and pocket the savings.

  • Coffee: According to the National Coffee Association, the average price for a cup of brewed coffee is $1.38. There are roughly 260 weekdays per year, so buying one coffee every weekday morning costs almost $360 per year.

  • Cigarettes: The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids reports that the average price for a pack of cigarettes in the United States is $4.54. Pack-a-day smokers fork out $1,650 a year. Weekend smoker? Buying a pack once a week adds up, too: $236.

  • Alcohol: Drink prices vary based on the location. But assuming an average of $5 per beer including tip, buying two beers per day adds up to $3,650 per year. Figure twice that for two mixed drinks a day at the local bar. That's not chump change.

  • Bottled water from convenience stores: A 20-ounce bottle of Aquafina bottled water costs about $2. One bottle of water per day costs $730 per year. It costs the environment plenty, too

  • Manicures: The Day Spa Magazine Price Survey of 2004 found that the average cost of a manicure is $20.53. A weekly manicure sets you back about $1,068 per year.

  • Car washes: The average cost for a basic auto detailing package is $58, according to The tab for getting your car detailed every two months: $348 per year.

  • Weekday lunches out: $9 will generally cover a decent lunch most workdays. If you buy, rather than pack, a lunch five days a week for one year, you shell out about $2,340 a year.

  • Vending-machines snacks: The average vending machine snack costs $1. Buy a pack of cookies every afternoon at work and pay $260 per year.

  • Interest charges on credit card bills: According to a survey released at the end of May, the median amount of credit card debt carried by Americans is $6,600. The average interest rate on a standard card is about 13%. Making the minimum payment each month, it will take 250 months (almost 21 years) to pay off the debt and cost $4,868 in interest. Ouch!

  • Unused gym memberships: reports that the monthly service fee at gyms averages between $35 and $40. At $40 per month, an unused gym membership runs $480 per year.

    Budget your way to smarter spendingThe B-word doesn't have to be a straitjacket on fun. Here's how to find the leaks in your wallet.
    Interest charges on credit card bills: According to a survey released at the end of May, the median amount of credit card debt carried by Americans is $6,600. The average interest rate on a standard card is about 13%. Making the minimum payment each month, it will take 250 months (almost 21 years) to pay off the debt and cost $4,868 in interest. Ouch!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Gifts...

OK I have another gift idea, I don't know if its the season that has me always thinking about gifts to give or I'm just on a gift giving idea kick, well with that said.

You & your man have the groomsman's gifts, and you have your girls gifts but what about the man you are about to marry?? You want to give him that will last a lifetime and something he can look at (or use) and have wonderful memories!

That said how about some nekkid pictures of yourself? Although the word nekkid is a lot more fun they are properly called "Boudoir Photographs", a Boudoir Session shows your many moods…soft and sensual to bold and daring, nudity is not required, of course--just some of your new pretty lacy things and a sensuous attitude.

Think about it: with your wedding workout and diet, you are probably in the best shape of your life right now and you have a photographer that could either take them for you or or refer you to another photographer that you would feel more comfortable with. You could even try to schedule your photo shoot for the day that you have your makeup trial. Keep the hair natural and tussled though * Think of the expression on his face as he looks at these for the first time, and second time and third time, well you get the "picture"

Friday, October 12, 2007

Flip Flops.....I'll take them!!

Ok I told you yesterday about my obsession with cute miniature stuff, well I came to the realiziation that I may have an obsession with somthing husband has pointed out on many occasions when I ask him if he has seen my flip flops and he says whith a sarcastic sigh "which pair"? I live in Florida! Its pretty much a fashion must have!! (in every color under the rainbow) Ok so I found these at and now im trying really hard not to to put thim in my shopping cart, but that shouldnt stop you!! How cute are these with the cute lil moagrams on them and what a cute photo-op with all your maids wearing them!!
You should buy them and then send me pictues of you and your girls wearing them so that Jason doesnt ask me why I have a new pair of flip flops, when I have plenty in the closet that I havent even worn yet....;0)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Tiny...I'll take it!!

I have an obsession...It’s an obsession with miniature stuff, not just any miniatures, like the stuff in doll houses, even though that is super cute too, but the stuff that is replicated from big stuff...for example I have a miniature mail box, shopping carts, yes plural! I have two and they are soooo super cute, I have cute miniature salad tongs, well anyways you get the idea. The reason I’m telling you is because today I happened to be at Sears and came upon a miniature Craftsman tool box (gift card holder), and I had to have it, first thinking it would make a cute Christmas gift
But just as I was thinking of who to give it to...a idea popped in my head! What a cool gift for the "handy" groomsmen!!! I mean it's just screaming "Great groomsman gift" so if your fiancé is in a bind, not knowing what to get his guys just send him over to sears....they got what you need!

Oh yeah.... my son saw it and now it’s his, luckily I distracted him long enough to get it away from him to take some pictures of it :0)


Some Pointers

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding should know how stressful planning a wedding can be. Let's visit some examples, I'm sure you know what I am talking about:

I hope this information can help you!

1)Keeping everything organized such as business cards, vendors, website links, etc.

2) Taste butter cream, fondant, and royal icing from at least 3 different bakers. If only the wedding cake could taste just the way you want it.

3) Making sure your bridesmaids can fit into their dresses that you had ordered 6 months ago. And go that xtra mile and find (or ask your planner) a seamstress.

4) Ensuring that the groomsmen don't do something entirely crazy during the wedding. And more importantly, making sure the bestman doesn't forget his speech. (Better yet make sure the BM shows up, ours didnt!!)

5) Pleasing your future in-laws or anyone involved with the planning. Finding the right balance is very difficult. My best advise give them somthing small and let them use their best judgement and creativity, you will look back and be happy you did and they will also feel good that they were involved.

6) Finding the right shade of ivory to match that dress you've chosen. There aren't too many places that carry ivory, since white is more popular.

7) Hiring a planner might be a good thing instead of driving around town to all your different vendors. Plus we usually have a great group of vendors that we work with!

8) If the flower girl or ring bearer get stage fright, before they wald down the isle dont worry about it! You would rather have a peacful ceramony instead of an upset little one wanting his/her mommy in the middle of your "I Do's"

9) Tasting the wines before the wedding reception. Choosing the wrong wine can speak millions about your taste.

10) Getting your table linens to match with that right color shade. For instance, the colors blue, red, and pink are examples of colors, which seemingly possess their own personality. If only colors could match the first time you try!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Save the Tata's!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Im a little late posting this but, better late than never! I walked with my best friends and their family over the weekend in the Making Strides for breast Cancer 5K. It was so magical and touching to see these women and men out there (wearing pink no less) supporting such a wonderful cause!! To all the women and men out there that have been touched in some way by this horrible cancer, this is for you!!

and please feel free to donate to a good cause by going to

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Hilton or Holiday Inn??

  • Be sure you consider your guests when you are looking at hotels.
    College students invited? Look at budget minded hotels – Holiday Inn vs. Hiltons
    Couples with kids? Hotels with pools and free breakfast.

  • Not planning any extra activities? Hotels near shopping or tourism activities.

  • If it is within your budget include a nice welcom bag. There are a few must haves that go inside:Bottled Water, Map, Brochures, and guest itinerary....Have fun with it :0)

  • See the rooms. I cannot stress this enough, if a place will not show you a room you do not want to book there ever!
    Do be considerate of what time/date you go to see rooms.
    Try to go after noon, but before 6pm unless you can schedule an appointment.

  • See (and try) the amenities. Look at the pool. Do they offer a Satisfaction Guarantee? Usually they will have a sign posted or it will be on a brochure. Try to avoid asking this question, as it may seem like you plan on complaining to get it free.

  • Do not book on Travelocity, Expedia, etc. until you check the hotel's own website and check with the hotel. FYI they do not offer the best rates on those websites, you always pay a little extra for the convenience. It's like grocery shopping at a gas station

  • Be sure you ask about group rates. But know you are not guaranteed lower rates just because you have a group. Avoid peak times to get lower rates, examples would be: Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, New Year's ect.
    Sometimes Friday or Sunday may be cheaper than Saturday, so be sure if your guests are staying multiple nights they give you the best rate for each night.

  • Its okay to hold more rooms than you need, but be sure you tell the guests they have to book before your group's drop date. That is the only way to be sure they get a room and get it at the right price. Also, do not hold the rooms on your credit card unless you are prepared to pay for all the rooms or any no shows or cancellation fees.

  • Read your contract before you sign it!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Cocktail~

What is your signature cocktail??
Have you ever been to a wedding and the couple has a signature cocktail,
you think how cute is that!
If you and your man dont have a signature cocktail and need a little help
I have the perfect link for you
This link answer the various questions about your likes, style and tastes and submit and viola! Your signature cocktail and recipe will appear.
What a fun way to offer specialty drinks at your next event!
You can also find lots of other great recipes!

Oh and my drink - Frozen Pomegranate Margarita...YUM!!

I cant wait to serve this at my next get together :0),2763,FOOD_25696_43296,00.html
~Happy Planning

Friday, September 21, 2007

Most people only rent a limo a few times in their lives, so it is not surprising that most of us are not aware of the proper etiquette when renting a limo. So here are a few tips:

Try to avoid calling a company last minute; if you want quality, you need to reserve and book in advance.
Remember the chauffer is working hard to have you relax and enjoy the ride, do not be rude and/or disrespectful to the driver, treat him/her as you would want to be treated.
Do not stick any of your body parts out of the windows or moon roof. It will cost the company a hefty fine thus costing you the client as well.
Do not put more people into a limo aside from the number originally agreed upon. Quality companies will never allow overcrowding, it is dangerous, very uncomfortable, and not to mention dangerous and against insurance regulations.
Do not bring a cooler into the limo. All limos have a built in bars stocked with ice, water and sodas. Some limo companies have a champagne and red carpet service upon arrival. *Make sure to ask, never assume that this is part of the service.

Have a definite date set before you call for inquiries. Time of year could reflect on a price quote.* Remember distance can also affect your limo rate.
Have a definite number of passengers
Call several companies, narrow your decision and then decide on the one that meets your price range and the one that you feel most comfortable with.
Use your instinct. If the person answering the phone sounds unprofessional, chances they are. Don't forget to get personal recommendations.
Ask if they have pictures or a web site where you can see their selection of vehicles.
Most important... DO HAVE FUN!!!!!! And enjoy your ride!
~Happy planning


I am so excited, I had to blog about this…. I received my order in the mail yesterday from Wonderful Graffiti. I absolutely love this stuff, goes on easy and comes off just as easy.
(they sent me some samples as well and I was sticking them all over my office)
And what a great way to personalize your wedding day or any special occasion, Did I mention their prices are sooo reasonable! (It's starting to sound like I work for them)
I will post pictures of the event I am doing with this product in a future blog…I can't wait!!!!!!!
~Happy planning

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Feeling Charitable???

We all have them hanging them in the back of the closet, collecting dust, taking up space, we planned on wearing them again, but.....

What am I talking about???
Come on ladies, we all know that we are never going to wear them again, but guess what there are ladies out there who would.
How about donating your bridesmaid gown to underprivileged

high school students to wear come prom time.
There are several diferent organizations out there just for this purpose!
Try:, or
Do you remember how you felt when you wore a special dress well, you could be making a girls dream come true by doing this!

**Get a receipt for tax purposes**

A Weekend Away

We just did a wedding in Gainesville at the Baughman Center!
Have you ever heard of this place? I had not before this wedding.
(I've actually had never been to Gainesville before this)
Its a wonderful little chapel that overlooks Lake Alice, the pictures do not do it justice!

The exterior walls are made of natural Florida cypress stained to reflect its natural surroundings and grooved vertically to represent individual tree trunks.
Beneath the graceful arches, presented an inspirational setting for this wedding.

Doug and Jessica were a great couple to work with and Jessica & I pulled this whole thing together in 3 months!!!! It all came together and the day was perfect!
Thank you Doug and Jessica for letting us be apart of your very special day!

Photos by Butterfly Kisses
and some family shots as well

Ceremony:Baughman Center
Reception: Hilton

~Sorry again to Maria for getting into an accident in her car and also to the girl I hit!!!!