Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Gifts...

OK I have another gift idea, I don't know if its the season that has me always thinking about gifts to give or I'm just on a gift giving idea kick, well with that said.

You & your man have the groomsman's gifts, and you have your girls gifts but what about the man you are about to marry?? You want to give him that will last a lifetime and something he can look at (or use) and have wonderful memories!

That said how about some nekkid pictures of yourself? Although the word nekkid is a lot more fun they are properly called "Boudoir Photographs", a Boudoir Session shows your many moods…soft and sensual to bold and daring, nudity is not required, of course--just some of your new pretty lacy things and a sensuous attitude.

Think about it: with your wedding workout and diet, you are probably in the best shape of your life right now and you have a photographer that could either take them for you or or refer you to another photographer that you would feel more comfortable with. You could even try to schedule your photo shoot for the day that you have your makeup trial. Keep the hair natural and tussled though * Think of the expression on his face as he looks at these for the first time, and second time and third time, well you get the "picture"