Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Hilton or Holiday Inn??

  • Be sure you consider your guests when you are looking at hotels.
    College students invited? Look at budget minded hotels – Holiday Inn vs. Hiltons
    Couples with kids? Hotels with pools and free breakfast.

  • Not planning any extra activities? Hotels near shopping or tourism activities.

  • If it is within your budget include a nice welcom bag. There are a few must haves that go inside:Bottled Water, Map, Brochures, and guest itinerary....Have fun with it :0)

  • See the rooms. I cannot stress this enough, if a place will not show you a room you do not want to book there ever!
    Do be considerate of what time/date you go to see rooms.
    Try to go after noon, but before 6pm unless you can schedule an appointment.

  • See (and try) the amenities. Look at the pool. Do they offer a Satisfaction Guarantee? Usually they will have a sign posted or it will be on a brochure. Try to avoid asking this question, as it may seem like you plan on complaining to get it free.

  • Do not book on Travelocity, Expedia, etc. until you check the hotel's own website and check with the hotel. FYI they do not offer the best rates on those websites, you always pay a little extra for the convenience. It's like grocery shopping at a gas station

  • Be sure you ask about group rates. But know you are not guaranteed lower rates just because you have a group. Avoid peak times to get lower rates, examples would be: Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, New Year's ect.
    Sometimes Friday or Sunday may be cheaper than Saturday, so be sure if your guests are staying multiple nights they give you the best rate for each night.

  • Its okay to hold more rooms than you need, but be sure you tell the guests they have to book before your group's drop date. That is the only way to be sure they get a room and get it at the right price. Also, do not hold the rooms on your credit card unless you are prepared to pay for all the rooms or any no shows or cancellation fees.

  • Read your contract before you sign it!!