Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some Pointers

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding should know how stressful planning a wedding can be. Let's visit some examples, I'm sure you know what I am talking about:

I hope this information can help you!

1)Keeping everything organized such as business cards, vendors, website links, etc.

2) Taste butter cream, fondant, and royal icing from at least 3 different bakers. If only the wedding cake could taste just the way you want it.

3) Making sure your bridesmaids can fit into their dresses that you had ordered 6 months ago. And go that xtra mile and find (or ask your planner) a seamstress.

4) Ensuring that the groomsmen don't do something entirely crazy during the wedding. And more importantly, making sure the bestman doesn't forget his speech. (Better yet make sure the BM shows up, ours didnt!!)

5) Pleasing your future in-laws or anyone involved with the planning. Finding the right balance is very difficult. My best advise give them somthing small and let them use their best judgement and creativity, you will look back and be happy you did and they will also feel good that they were involved.

6) Finding the right shade of ivory to match that dress you've chosen. There aren't too many places that carry ivory, since white is more popular.

7) Hiring a planner might be a good thing instead of driving around town to all your different vendors. Plus we usually have a great group of vendors that we work with!

8) If the flower girl or ring bearer get stage fright, before they wald down the isle dont worry about it! You would rather have a peacful ceramony instead of an upset little one wanting his/her mommy in the middle of your "I Do's"

9) Tasting the wines before the wedding reception. Choosing the wrong wine can speak millions about your taste.

10) Getting your table linens to match with that right color shade. For instance, the colors blue, red, and pink are examples of colors, which seemingly possess their own personality. If only colors could match the first time you try!