Friday, September 5, 2008


I wanted to take the time today and post about different scams that are going around right now!
Please be aware, and don't let yourself get sucked into their traps!!

If you get an email that looks anything remotely like this :
more importantly the you can bet it is a scam.

The email will go something like this...
(And it is usually from a man, and we all know how many MEN plan a wedding!!)

I am planning on getting married to Ms. Sue and we need your services and need you to get a photographer well my father in-law has issued a cheque of £7000 for the wedding photographer and wedding planner and right now he his out of location and we need to be booked for the planner , well cheque will be made out to you and the balance will be for the photographer...

Anyways, the amount will be for to much and the instructions are to wire money back when you get the cashiers check...IT'S A SCAM!!! The check is bad and by the time you realize it your out $$$

Another one that I was informed about was by a photographer, She got an email from a MAN and he said he would send her cash in big bills but needed her to send him some back in smaller bills, she never gave him an address, yet she got an envelope with big bills and no info, no phone number, just an address to send the smaller bills back to, she immediately knew something was up, took it to the bank and all the bills were fake!

Goes to show you how crafty they can be! You get cash in the mail, you might be inclined to try and spend it...

If you have heard of anything or have an example yourself please let me know I will gladly post them to get the word out there so no one falls into any of these traps!

Any really people if it is sounds to good to be true, it usually is!!


Allure Event Consulting said...

You are so right...there are scams EVERYWHERE. It is so terrible that we have to be so alert for people who are trying to hurt us. I thought I'd tell you about this guy so no one falls into his trap..

I got an email from (also used this address asking if I would plan his event in the UK. I emailed him back telling him that I did not do UK events but he replied to my email as if he did not even read it saying that he was sending me a check and started listing off the things that he wanted me to go ahead and start working on. How this scam works is that he sends the check and as soon as I deposit it, he has my account number. I was fortunate enough to have good intuition about this guy and hopefully everyone else will also.

I just hate scammers...why can't everyone do something descent for a living????