Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sometimes 4am is not early enough...

When it comes to Black Friday shopping!!! For my family this is sort of a new holiday tradition, when we were younger my mom and step-dad (more Chris than my mom) would wake at wee hours of the morning and do the mad dashes across the stores to get the goods for all 5 of us kids, sadly Chris passed away 3 years ago and so now us "kids" carry on this (some call crazy) tradition of getting up way to early and standing out in the cold'ish weather getting the good deals!
Only 3 of the 5 were up early last year!
L-R: Jarrod, Tiffany (James' GF), James & Me

This year I have some tips for you and your family if you plan on doing this too, I found these on iVilliage.

  1. Make a list & make sure to budget!

  2. Do your research, use the web, before you get the Thursday paper; Black Friday Ads

  3. Shop co-op

  4. Delegate

  5. Be size wise

  6. Price Match & find discounts

  7. Make friends in high places

  8. Online vs. In line

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!!