Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do you have your Spanx??

I thought Everyone had at least heard of Spanx, I was wrong!
So let me introduce you Everyone these are Spanx, Spanx this is
Why you ask am I introducing you?? This is why...
My mom and her fiance have asked me to help plan their wedding, So she got her super cute J.Crew wedding dress the other day and tried it one for me and she says she loves it, but she will need a gertle!! Hello you maybe a grandma but you are not 80 I yelled! What you need is Spanx, and she says what are Spanx? OMG?!?!? you are joking right??

So I dedicate this post to my mother (And future bride) These are my Favorite: Hip-notic Low Rise Footless Pantyhose $26.00
Footless Body Shaping Pantyhose $22.00

Power Panty $30.00

I Love this one too: Hide & Sleek Adjustable Strap Camisole $44.00

Ok this is what they do -->
And you can find them online here
Or at a Nordstroms
Or for anyone in Cape Coral they do have them at Tortise and the Crane off of PI Road and Skyline, in the Fountain shops!!


Inspired Events By Nycia said...

Girl I love SPANX!! GREAT POST!!!!!