Sunday, April 27, 2008

She has done it again!

By god Martha has done it again!! (or at least one of the people she pays)

How super cute are these!?!?! Perfect if you have bridesmaids that are out of state...
And don't think you have to stop there, I would even think that this would be perfect for the gents (maybe not on such cute lil papers) Attach it to a, (my first thought was a beer can, but scratch that) well just give it the their responsible counter part!

All you have to do is jot down all the 411 on this handy dandy template! Print and Voila all the important people have all the important info!! Good Thinking Martha! (or staff member)

1 comments: said...

I LOVED this when I saw it in the last issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Even my fiance thought it was a fab idea and he's a guy! haha I NEED to purchase the newest issue, it's my fave wedding magazine, for sure! I love your blog!