Thursday, March 20, 2008

DIY Hanging Votive Holders

I found this on the nettleton hollow blog

Here are some instructions for making your own hanging votive holders, which should take less than 5 minutes per votive.

Votive Holders (that open as they go upward - straight cylinders won't work);
Floral Tape;
Fine Wire;
Wire Cutters (or heavy scissors).

1. Wrap your floral tape (or masking tape, although you'll probably have to sacrifice that votive holder) around the top of the votive holder. This is CRUCIAL for a happy votive-making experience - Â it helps keep the wire in place as you wrap it.

2. Wrap the wire around the top of the votive a few times, then bend each end backwards so it stays in place. Note that once you are finished, you coil will sit lower on the votive than here, so keep that in mind when you are wrapping. Cut the wire from the spool, and slide the coil off of the votive holder.

3. Wrap the ends of the wire back around the coil to keep the coil from springing apart.Â
4. Attach the handle by simply wrapping the ends of a length of wire around opposite sides of the coil.

The finished hanging votive holder - after all my past attempts, doing it this way was surprisingly quick and easy.

Now for the beautiful finish~


snapnk said...

this is awesome! i want to do this for my wedding. what kind of branches did you use? where did you find them?


*~ Jane ~* said...

Thank you for the comment! The link to the blog where I found this is at the top...but those I believe are manzanita branches and you can order them online or through a florist