Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Post wedding Blues

I know it sounds crazy but for new newbie wives out there you know exactly what I am talking about!

You spend soooo much time planning and shopping and doing all the fun things that go along with planning the day you have always dreamt about and then it all comes to an abrupt halt and all that time that was used for planning and shopping is now taken up by endless hours on the seeing what maybride (hehe that was my screename) has posted lately and it may take time to adjust but girls believe me when I say that in due time it will wear off! (And reassure your spouse that it will too)

In the mean time here are a few tips~

-You might try renting an especially funny movie, cuddle up and watch it at home together.
- How about starting a new hobby or reviving an existing one? A new and fun project together.
- Try and make sure you're getting enough to eat, enough sleep and enough exercise. Being tired or exhausted can leave you feeling down.
- Make a date! That's right make a date to go out someplace special or visit with family and friends.
- Have a game night. Pick up a fun game and have a few friends over for a game night.
- Change your normal routine up a bit so you don't get stuck in a rut.
- Try something new together. Ever been on a hot air balloon ride? How about horseback riding?
I hope some of these ideas help you out. And remember, each and every year you'll have a very special and new milestone to plan for and celebrate. Your anniversary!!

(This past May I let my husband plan our anniversary...He did an amazing job, dinner at one of my Fav restaurants on Sanibel and he even got us a room at this adorable B&B on Sanibel and brought some of the advise cards we got at our wedding so we could read them again....yes he is awesome!!)


Lisa from Blush said...

I can totally relate!

BTW, I responded to your tag! Thanks!

saundra said...

thank you for visitng my blog! i have had clients who have suffered this. it's not in your mind!