Monday, December 3, 2007

Onsite Venue Coordinators vs. Wedding Planners

Many prospective clients have asked me if they need a wedding planner when an event coordinator comes with the venue they've chosen for their reception. Saundra Hadley over at planning...forever did a post on her blog that addresses this question perfectly. Below is a snipit but feel free to check out the entire post on her blog.

1. On-Site Coordinators are responsible for their venue. Their alliance and most important concern is their venue. The venue pays their salary. A wedding planner is responsible to you. This is a third party that is an advocate and a director of all your vendors and wishes.
2. On-Site Coordinators may have limited vendor referrals. Most of them will have a source of vendors that they love to use at their facility. Because this DJ doesn't scratch their floors and this florist cleans up after themselves, etc, etc. Instead, a wedding planner knows many vendors that can fit into many different budgets and match client's personalities. It's our job to know GREAT vendors that may not advertise!
3. On-Site Coordinators are there only for the reception (or time at their venue). They are not a wedding planner that will take your 10pm etiquette phone calls, or attend a photographers meeting, or negotiate with a band or have a lots of design ideas and magazines for you to look at. A wedding planner is there from the planning stages, rehearsal, ceremony and to the reception.Now that you have the facts, you can determine what your needs are.

I couldn't have said it better. Thanks Saundra!


saundra with planning...forever events said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for your visit and glad you enjoyed that post.

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*Rashana Anderson* said...

Jane - This is a great post. I think I'm going to have to reference it over at my blog. I get asked this question an awful lot as well. Thanks!